Endeavour to Camellia (1)

(1)  Ant 2

The ant

Where are you from?
Where are you for?
You just know the process
Don’t care the point
of the beginning
of the end


Tree call
In the arch of light
Said “welcome”
You asked me for the “hello”
Just said “goodbye” instead
My brothers
My sisters
Happy to see you again and again
Cheer with me in the light
Oh, my family…
At the bottom of heart
I heard you waiting for me
To the eternal Kingdom of Green!


camellia 3
From the farther of land
I realize you
So beautiful
As hard to reach
You‘re there
To challenge the world finding you
To love the world like sleeping child
Oh, the princess of forest

Camellia as your name
Be the proud of that seeing you
As long as this river
As high as this mountain
In your vision
Oh, Camellia…


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