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“Bánh cuốn & BB rose”

Keep in memories with my family’s cooking! I have studied more about Vietnamese cuisine hand in hand with lovely “BB rose”!

A lot of presents for me …to grow up  🙂



Along to the Hon Ba

Tree branches upward in thousands of faces,

They are here in thousands of years

mt.Hon Ba

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Rác và rêu ở Bidoup…

Bidoup hiện ra trong sương mù giăng giăng

 Bidoup-Núi bà

Rêu…ở đây

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Gió và hoa trên Liangbiang


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Ở trên đỉnh Liangbiang có gì?


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Rush to Di Linh (2)

You’re so calm to touch,

…the way you are

…stay there

…just look at me

…see through where I have belonged to!

 Di Linh 4

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Step on Di Linh (1)

How amazing  you are!

Di Linh 1

at my first look

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