Midnight’s orchid

It seems to be that I ‘m perceiving the beautiful moment,

When she’ s in the midnight silence,

waiting for the sunlight…



Chrysanthemum for Moon Festival!

Just by chance, I took them to home these days ^^

How mystic is the color of flowers  as if they’re talking about this autumn, yeah?

red chrysanthemum

Orchid’s petals

The lovely orchid’s still there due to my mother’s caring ^^

And she’s in blossom this day over the rains…



My beloved roses

So, today I found them in time & take to my home!10 roses

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“Bánh cuốn & BB rose”

Keep in memories with my family’s cooking! I have studied more about Vietnamese cuisine hand in hand with lovely “BB rose”!

A lot of presents for me …to grow up  🙂



Dear chrysanthemum!

Then, I realized,

not around but in front of me,

she looks so lovely in home yet it’s raining outdoor…


Morning hibiscus…

at Dalat

at Dalat Palace

At the moment of glorious hibiscus this morning in summer festival…