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Moments with Nature!

Blissful & reflective lessons with the nature around



& with friends (*.^)



Colourfulness of the chrysanthemum

For our home these days with a lot of sweet reflective moments (^_^)

20131016_145419 chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum for Moon Festival!

Just by chance, I took them to home these days ^^

How mystic is the color of flowers  as if they’re talking about this autumn, yeah?

red chrysanthemum

Dear chrysanthemum!

Then, I realized,

not around but in front of me,

she looks so lovely in home yet it’s raining outdoor…


“Hoa cúc ngày Tết”

Tết này trong nhà ngoài ngõ đều là hoa cúc… cúc nhỏ, cúc to, cúc nhúm…đều là màu vàng!

 cúc vàng

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