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With cantaloupe

The first time for my parent to enjoy (*.*)

How funny & mystery its form is 😉




“Bánh cuốn & BB rose”

Keep in memories with my family’s cooking! I have studied more about Vietnamese cuisine hand in hand with lovely “BB rose”!

A lot of presents for me …to grow up  🙂



Wonton & Trumpet vine

Thanks to my aunt, today I studied preparing “wonton”


& recognizing a flower’s called “trumpet vine”


Amazingly so fresh, yeah?

Homemade yogurt & me!

This morning I wake up early then found this:

homemade yorgurt

Oops… It is poured…hizz…became sicked like me… 😦

That’s my fault that I was exhausted & went into sleeping soon while I forgot eating this last night…

So sorry to my homemade yogurt!!!

The memories of fishes

I just kept crying half an hour while cleaning these fishes…

I just endured the pain as I were a fish 😦

Becoming so sad…

channa-snake fish

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“Fresh spring-rolls” or “gỏi cuốn”

As one of most typical Vietnamese foods, wrapping & rolling are needed skills to serve fresh spring rolls or summer rolls (gỏi cuốn)

It really takes time for well-prepared ingredients, all patience with every tastes of dipping fish sauce!

20130331 spring rolls

How exciting at my first time for fresh spring-rolls in these hot days!

Green seaweed!

green seaweed

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