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Rose in a sunny day!



Sunday & rose at home… 🙂


Orchid’s petals

The lovely orchid’s still there due to my mother’s caring ^^

And she’s in blossom this day over the rains…



Morning hibiscus…

at Dalat

at Dalat Palace

At the moment of glorious hibiscus this morning in summer festival…

“Cosmos flower”, dove!

This was taken front of my room some days before. Yeah, yellow-orange cosmos flower!

yellow daisy

Keep seeing her charm in this morning while becoming weak in breathing…

It’ silence has inspired & saved me through most hard time, dear my dove (*-.-*)

(edited – June 2nd )

Turmeric & Honey

My stomach is in terrible pain today!

Luckily, my mom reminded me this as traditional medicine.

Oh, that looks so fresh & exciting in special yellow, doesn’t it?!

turmeric& honey

Turmeric & Honey

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“Fresh spring-rolls” or “gỏi cuốn”

As one of most typical Vietnamese foods, wrapping & rolling are needed skills to serve fresh spring rolls or summer rolls (gỏi cuốn)

It really takes time for well-prepared ingredients, all patience with every tastes of dipping fish sauce!

20130331 spring rolls

How exciting at my first time for fresh spring-rolls in these hot days!

Một mình trong nhà…

Sáng nay thức dậy chợt nhận ra “nó”… “Nó” bị mang vào nhà rồi!

một mình trong nhà...

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