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Turmeric & home-made facial gel!

Take a try for caring skin from natural materials ^^ with feeling eager to report the results later 😉

20140121 hm-turmeric gel

Revival & energy with moments around

Now, how amazing world we are living is!

Thanks to man-made, home-made & nature-made things just happening around us for our realization & creativities (^.^)



Moments with Nature!

Blissful & reflective lessons with the nature around



& with friends (*.^)



Colourfulness of the chrysanthemum

For our home these days with a lot of sweet reflective moments (^_^)

20131016_145419 chrysanthemum

With cantaloupe

The first time for my parent to enjoy (*.*)

How funny & mystery its form is 😉



Midnight’s orchid

It seems to be that I ‘m perceiving the beautiful moment,

When she’ s in the midnight silence,

waiting for the sunlight…


Family day & baby-corn-sweets

Finally, I’m able to make the sweets by baby-corns in this memorable Family-day in Vietnam!

Then, my daddy’s loved this  🙂


It’s simply amazing taste while you just need some baby-corns with sugar for materials! Continue reading

Wonton & Trumpet vine

Thanks to my aunt, today I studied preparing “wonton”


& recognizing a flower’s called “trumpet vine”


Amazingly so fresh, yeah?

“Cosmos flower”, dove!

This was taken front of my room some days before. Yeah, yellow-orange cosmos flower!

yellow daisy

Keep seeing her charm in this morning while becoming weak in breathing…

It’ silence has inspired & saved me through most hard time, dear my dove (*-.-*)

(edited – June 2nd )

Homemade yogurt & me!

This morning I wake up early then found this:

homemade yorgurt

Oops… It is poured…hizz…became sicked like me… 😦

That’s my fault that I was exhausted & went into sleeping soon while I forgot eating this last night…

So sorry to my homemade yogurt!!!