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Rose in a sunny day!



Sunday & rose at home… 🙂

Revival & energy with moments around

Now, how amazing world we are living is!

Thanks to man-made, home-made & nature-made things just happening around us for our realization & creativities (^.^)



Chrysanthemum for Moon Festival!

Just by chance, I took them to home these days ^^

How mystic is the color of flowers  as if they’re talking about this autumn, yeah?

red chrysanthemum

My beloved roses

So, today I found them in time & take to my home!10 roses

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An elephant be called “Imam”

How big & strong is he?!

for green

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“Extra virgin coconut oil”

That’s real endeavour to pull again the oil into a cup, still…

You sealed with my regret today:

 extra virgin coconut oil

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“Đậu Hòa Lan” (Pisum sativum)

Hôm nay ra chợ gần nhà tìm mãi mới thấy được…loại đậu này nè!

đậu Hòa Lan

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