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Moments with Nature!

Blissful & reflective lessons with the nature around



& with friends (*.^)




My beloved roses

So, today I found them in time & take to my home!10 roses

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Morning hibiscus…

at Dalat

at Dalat Palace

At the moment of glorious hibiscus this morning in summer festival…

An elephant be called “Imam”

How big & strong is he?!

for green

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Dr.Yersin on top of the Hon Ba

As your old growth herb tea trees have spread abroad now

Dr. Alexandre Yersin !

You’ re here-  the hero of  botanical world

Hon Ba tea-trees

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Along to the Hon Ba

Tree branches upward in thousands of faces,

They are here in thousands of years

mt.Hon Ba

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Rác và rêu ở Bidoup…

Bidoup hiện ra trong sương mù giăng giăng

 Bidoup-Núi bà

Rêu…ở đây

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